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Ingredients (4 servings):

•    1 pack of Shiravaran Italian Pizza Dough
•    500 gr minced meat
•    1 chili
•    1/2 green pepper
•    2 tomatoes
•    1 large onion or 2 medium onion
•    1 tbsp tomato paste
•    2 tsp dried paprika, crushed
•    one and a half tsp cumin, crushed
•    one and a half tsp black pepper
•    2 tsp salt
•    some parsley
•    one and a half cup of olive oil


Preheat the bottom heat of oven to 250 degrees C (500 degrees F), and let it warm enough.
Pour chili, green pepper, tomatoes, parsley and onion in the mixer and blend together until everything is chopped fine. The mixture should have a thickness between paste and sauce.
Now, you should add paste, olive oil, and spices into minced meat, and mix them together by your hand to have a smooth mixture. Then blend the meat mixture with the crushed vegetables, in a bowl.
Bring out the Shiravaran Italian Pizza pack (containing 6 doughs) from freezer. Take enough dough from the package and put the rest in freezer. Grease the baking tray.  Remove the plastic sheets of the doughs and put them on the baking tray while they are still frozen.
Spread the mixture as a thin layer over the dough with a spoon.
Put the baking tray in the middle rack of oven, and cook the lahmacun for 8 to 10 minutes. Then turn off the oven lower heat, and turn on the upper heat. Cook pizzas for more 15 to 20 minutes, until the toppings over the doughs cook completely.
To serve lahmacun, drip some lemon juice over them, and spread some chopped vegetables over, and roll them or cut like pizza slices.

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