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Gandomak-e Toos Company was organized and established in 2000 in a place with an substructure amounted to 3000 sqm, including 500 sqm of administrative spaces, 500 sqm of warehouse area and 3000 sqm of production space, this company has more than 5 years of services in producing Pizza paste.Shiravaran About pic Using the global advanced methods, this company applied to produce pizza paste when few people were familiar with ready to make Pizza paste. And for day in day out efforts of the company staff it was made the first producer of pizza paste through a fully automatic method.
In 2011 managers of Gandomak-e-Toos(Shiravaran) with the idea of ​​wide-spreading service and diversification of products, the brand "T.S.T" was founded. T.S.T produces variety of shiravaran products such as Mozzarella cheese, toast and processed cheese, french fries, all kinds of roast, hamburgers, sauces. Despite the short time of T.S.T activity, backed by 15 years of successful experience of its directors in Shiravran, T.S.T started bright and rapidly has found considerable position in the food industry. There are 180 employees(apart from official agencies and visitors) in T.S.T. 110 people work in the production department and 70 people work in the distribution department.

Iran Agro Food 2016

Iran Agro Food 2016 will be held from May30-June2, 2016 (fro 10:00 am till 6:00 pm) at Tehran International Permanent...

Shiravaran Italian Pizza Dough Produced

Shiravaran Italian Pizza Dough Produced.

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Toos Industrial Estate, Mashhad, IRAN
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